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Hi, I'm Kay

My mission is to empower you and as many fabulous ladies as possible to live a life they LOVE!! To move from feeling stuck, unsure, powerless to deliberately designing and creating a life that brings more balance, abundance, happiness and new experiences.


For you to not only set amazing life goals and vision but also transform YOU to build more self-belief and confidence so that you can work through obstacles to make that dream a reality.


Here’s to your success!!

My story

My journey to coaching from Law to Wellness to Coaching that’s definitely a transformation in itself.  All while navigating difficult and uncertain times.  

When I look back and try to look at how I achieved setting my holistic therapy business (now in 8th year having served 100’s of women with support around stress, pregnancy, fertility, ivf etc) it was a mixture of starting my own personal development journey and seeking helping from others.

Being a solo entrepreneur really highlights your inner self and your mindset. It has taken me on my own self -development and self-awareness journey.

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One of my favourite mantra is “thoughts are things” – Napaleon Hill talks about this. I like the old school teachers (Think and Grow Rich, 7 Laws of Success).


This created such a shift in my thinking from “in my circumstances what can I do” to “what do I want to do, what would l like my ideal life to look like.” It completely opens up all possibilities.  


From this type of thinking I was able to create my holistic therapy business with my wish list- working with lovely friendly clients, fits in around school pick ups, no childcare costs and the flexibility that I needed.  previously I would have only thought I can only work a 9-5. It allowed me to think outside my circumstances.  I am so grateful for my business.


My holistic therapy business  specialises in women’s health and wellbeing. I support around the areas of pregnancy, fertility, ivf,  hormonal balance and stress related symptoms.

Aswell as receiving great feedback from clients for the treatments. I noticed that many of my clients were able to really opened up to me. I was a neutral space and safe space and recently realised I had in a way already been coaching.

2 things - my own personal development and my business which came from my personal development.

Are you ready for more?

Through working with women in my holistic therapy business many often opened up to me. They felt I was a neutral safe space and what I now realise is that I was coaching in some respect allowing a space where they could openly share which allowed them to reflect and think about their options.

Once this clicked with me – I decided to formalise this and take coaching certifications in life coaching, mindset coaching, business coaching and confidence coaching to solidify these skills and I love it. Through this process it has meant I have also received lots of coaching too and have seen how this has speeded up my results and gave me the confidence through having more self awareness.


When lockdown came I thought this is the time to bring all this together which I’ve done.

Here you are on my website! And thank you for stopping by. From that  initial thought of starting a coaching business to a couple of years ago to now reality.

I'm here ready to help ambitious women like you, who feel they want more than their current circumstances but aren't sure where to start. 

I believe the best way to transform your life is from the inside out - that is through increasing your self awareness so you have more knowledge about what may be holding you back and more clarity on what you actually want.


It from this point you can start to take action which is truly aligned with your inner self.

Your    story

So what's your story? Or should I say what's the new story you want to create for yourself?

What is currently a tiny glimpse in your mind of what you love to do, be or have in your life?

What goal have stopped and started? 

Is it more creating an overall lifestyle vision or particular area you would love to improve?

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Don't waste anymore time start bring in the things you desire now.

Let's connect!

For more info on coaching and it's benefits. Get ready to change your life.

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