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Don't Let Resistance Stop Your Success.

We are all know that feeling. It shows up every time you think about doing something different or something you don’t want to do. It’s that uncomfortable feeling I get in my chest, this may show up you in other areas. Have you experienced this?

It’s that feeling of resistance.

Why is it important to recognize resistance and manage resistance to change – because if resistance wins it will likely mean you can’t move forward in life or very slowly.

For example, you may feel unable to try new things, meet new people. Resistance may keep you stuck.

When does resistance show up for you? For me, it sometimes when I know I should exercise or go to the gym. Maybe it’s something new in business or work that needs to be done. Resistance, if left unchecked will lead to procrastination.

All is not lost though, we can learn to overcome resistance so that we can get the things that are important to us done.

Check out the following 7 tips to help overcome resistance.

1. Note that it’s just a feeling in your body. You brain is programmed to discourage you from doing anything it considers dangerous on some level. But resistance is really nothing more than an uncomfortable feeling.

2. Just notice it. One way to try to lessen the effect is just to notice when this is happening and look at it objectively. "What is it trying to tell you?" "Hmm this is interesting I'm getting this feeling when I’m thinking about going for my run". Just noticing and observing may help the feeling to lessen.

3. Avoid hiding from it - by creating distractions. Keep noticing it, until the feeling lessens and goes away. By distracting yourself you are reinforcing the pattern that resistance is stopping you doing what needs to be done.

4. Remove distractions but don’t fall into the trap of cleaning the whole house to avoid doing what needs to be done. That would be just another form of procrastination.

5. Focus on your breath – this will stop you thinking about what needs to be done for now and help that feeling dissipate.

6. Remind yourself why the task is important to you. Concentrating on the outcome and its benefits to you can help to motivate you to take action.

7. Take action – just take the next first easy step in order to get started. Put on the gym wear, the running shoes, sit down at your desk.

Most times, once you have completed the task you look back and think why did I put that off so long. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be or it didn’t take as much time. I often actually enjoy the task once I get involved in it.

Remember that resistance is completely normal and everyone, every single day experiences resistance at some level when it comes to doing what we perceive as an unpleasant task. But remember that if we let resistance win it may block our success and how far we can go in life.

Our success will be in direct correlation to how much we allow resistance to win.

Hope you have found this article useful in helping you overcome or reduce resistance in your life. Let me know in the comments. Kay


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