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             Is Coaching for you?

 You are  ready to let go of the excuses and take control of your own life.

  You are open minded to new perspectives and ideas.

  You are committed to taking small action steps to manifest your goals into your reality.

  You want to welcome more happiness, balance, productivity and start living a life more true to you.

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Almond Blossom

What does  life coaching help you to do?

One of the key benefits of life / personal development coaching is awareness of your habits and thoughts which often occur at subconscious level so you are not even aware that you are doing or thinking these patterns. If these are unhelpful, they may stop or slow down what you are trying to achieve or change in your life. Coaching through powerful questions can help to highlight these areas. Once you are aware you can decide if you want to change these patterns.










Often when people feel stuck or ask themselvcs - "How can I find my purpose? " or "What do I want to do with my life?"-  it is because they lack clarity. By gaining clarity, it can reveal more choices which can then help you to move forward and feel you have more control over your life, which in turn may help encourage more motivation and commitment to change your life more positively. 

I work with clients to increase their confidence and self belief- both very important if you want to make changes in your life.


As the quote goes:

"If you think you can or you think you can't - you're right."

Having this self belief will help you move out of your comfort zone  which you will need to do.  All the new  experiences, things, people that you want to bring into your life are there for you but outside your comfort zone. 

A combination of all these benefits and others help to equip you to embrace change and allow you to begin designing a life that you love with a belief that you can do it. 


Don't put off your dreams, ambitions any longer.

Sounds good? Book in for a no obligation 20-30 minute chat to find out more.


I will always carry out this pre-coaching call so we can both see if life coaching will be a fit for you and if we can work together.

Life coaching for women manchester, UK - achieve goal success
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