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Much of the battle for your dreams is fought in the mind - YES in your mind!

This is why it's so important to believe in yourself and your abilities. Know that success is yours, if you believe and take action.

I support women who may feel frustrated by life, perhaps not sure of what direction to take or are living their life to please others but deep down they know they want to change this but are unsure how.


It may be an individual short term goal or more longer term  goals (whole life vision/direction).


That overall feeling that life is happening to you rather than you actively deciding what you want your life to look like.

I support you to get started, to create change and begin that breakthrough . . .


so you can fulfill your potential and uplevel your life to have more freedom, purpose and happiness. See available coaching packages 



Think of life coaching as a process which allows you to get from where you are now to where you would love to be in the future.


Think for a moment - what that dream / goal might look like for you.


For many of us this distant goal or life style can be so unbelievable or big to our present reality that we become overwhelmed and stuck.


We then don't take action because we don't know what to do first or we may fear taking any action because we are trying something new - what if it goes wrong? Or in the back of our minds we think that  our goal will never happen for us.


We may stop and start, get frustrated and eventually just discount our goal as "it's just not something for someone like me."


Also, many people have never really considered what they really, truly want - so how can you plan to get from A to B if you don't know what B is?

Coaching is a way to start bridging that gap to start the journey to your end goals. All the answers are inside of you and it's about accessing them.

What is life coaching?

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Life coaching for women UK/Manchester
Empowerment coaching for women Manchester, UK

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What does a coaching session look like?

Coaching is a co-creating space led by you, therefore sessions are uniquely tailored for your individual needs. We will have video calls (or audio calls if preferred) meaning I can offer life coaching for women in the UK and globally.


The session are 45- 60 minutes and may be weekly or alternate weeks depending upon the coaching package you select. Check out the packages here.


During these coaching conversations, I offer a safe space for you to focus on you and your goals. Using conversation and coaching questions help you to clarify exactly what you'd you love to achieve. Support you to create goals aligned with your true passions, values and beliefs.






Additional support may come through different tools, such as strategies (goal setting tips), self reflection activities providing you with a structured process to support the creation of new habits,  new thinking (mindset coaching), new self belief (confidence coaching)  a different awareness that can be implemented into your everyday life.


You are empowered to create your own goal /life plan to enable you start taking action to creating a life you love while having support and accountability from me.


Taking action on your plan will be what change your reality.

confidence coaching for women manchester, UK

Coaching  Packages

8 Week Coaching Package

Move from autopilot to intentionally designing your life.

This 8 week, one to one program is designed to help you discover what you'd really love in your life and devise a plan to get there.

To move from feeling you are on autopilot and drifting to a clear vision of what you would love your life to look like. Then taking that key goal and start taking action to make it happen whilst having support and accountability.  Following a process which will be tailored towards your specific needs.  £599

1 Month Coaching Package

Focus on one short term goal and start taking action.

Goal Setting Kickstart

This 1 month intensive, one to one program is ideal if you are working on 1 short term goal. 

This is a kickstart to quickly move you into action and build up momentum. Helps you to identify obstacles and create a plan to move forward

while having accountability and support .  £240

Design and Live Your Best Life

Dare to Dream to Done

Clarity session 1 hour

Ditch the overwhelm and create more clarity in hour.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and stuck this 60 minute clarity session could be for you to work on that one particular goal.

Your chance to brainstorm out loud, see new perspectives, create awareness of potential blocks and obstacles and create your plan to move forward.


Accountability Packages

Keep up the momentum

If you have worked with me already and would like to maintain support.

These are productive 45 minute sessions to provide you with support and accountability to keep you on track with those amazing goals.

Taking consistent action is the key to bringing  your goals into reality.

Blocks of 4 or 8 sessions

Clarity and goal setting