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How Lucky Are You?

It’s easy to fall into the mindset of looking at other people who have something you’d like – the career, the car, family etc and think they are so lucky. We often then come up with reasons why they can have "the thing" and we can’t – they’re from a rich family, they live in the city etc. We are, in our minds trying to separate ourselves giving ourselves a reason why we can't have the same but by doing this it is giving away our power.

So I say, make your own “luck”.

1. Set big, bold goals

Goal setting is the key to planning out what you’d like your life to look like. Think big and pick goals that will excite you and motivate you to create your ideal life vision.

2. Increase your opportunities

In order to experience different things you have to do different things. So meet new people, visit different places, try new restaurants, take up a new sport, try a new hobby. The list is endless.

The more people that you meet the more chances you get to experience different view-points and different realities. You could meet an entrepreneur who you would never normally meet working as an employee – this could inspire you to set up your own business. Trying a new sport could lead you to a new passion you didn’t even know you’d like and also help increase your health and fitness.

3. Be open minded

Following on from number 2 above, if you have an open mind you will be willing to try new things and just see where it takes you. This increases your chance for experiencing more joy and happiness in your life.

4. Surround yourself with like-minded people

Choose your friends wisely as they are able to influence you even if you don’t realise it! Are they going to encourage you to achieve your goals or are they going to point out all the things that can go wrong? Have they got a positive outlook on life or are they stuck in their comfort zone on autopilot? Look for new friends who will encourage you and are or have achieved the goals that you are working towards.

Maybe it’s not about being “lucky” but it’s that successful people often have a certain mindset and characteristics which then brings about their amazing lives and experiences. This is open to us all.

Go create your own “luck”.

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