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Your Quick Guide to Making Your Affirmations more Effective.

I love affirmations. What about you? Do you use affirmations regularly or have you never tried them? It may seem strange, the idea of self talk, but thinking more positively is a good thing to do and affirmations are one way to take more control of your thinking.

It’s a double effect, in that, if you are thinking something positive you can’t also be thinking of something negative. By repeating the positivity regularly, it will also help to lessen and drown out those negative thoughts.

And secondly, you're deciding what you are thinking about. You're not letting your mind wander. That’s progress right there.


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The next few tips, I'm going to share for creating and using affirmations, will help them to be more effective.

Why do affirmations need to be effective?There’s no point wasting time on affirmations which are unlikely to resonate with you or help you.

So take a few minutes to see how affirmations can be used more effectively.

The effective use of affirmations can have a positive effect on your thoughts and behaviour. ie what you are thinking will affect what action you take in the world which may affect things like what opportunities you take, the type of goals you set, the type of lifestyle you think is possible. Your whole outlook on life.

Make the most out of your affirmations with these strategies/ tips:

  1. Make sure your affirmation is in the present tense. Here's an example of an affirmation - "I exercise daily" rather than I will exercise daily.

  2. Make sure your affirmation is positive. “I don’t sit around all day”. It focusing your mind on what you want to stop doing.

  3. Create affirmations around the areas of your life you may see as weaknesses or what you are not happy with. Create affirmations that will address will address those areas.

  4. Use words that resonate with you when you hear them. If you have found an affirmation that you like reword it using your own language.

  5. Create 3 -5 affirmations which address these areas which you can use everyday. Make sure you have an positive emotional feeling when you say the affirmation.

To make this even easier for you, I’ll take some of the thinking out of it:

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6. And the last tip is to use the affirmations in different forms. You don’t just have to think the affirmations.

  • Say them out loud.

  • Read them

  • Visualise yourself acting them out as if the affirmation were reality.

Affirmations can be an effective way to begin changing your reality. But they need to be structured properly, address your challenged areas of life and be used consistently. Be prepared to change your behaviour. Use this affirmation process over 30 days consistently and start to notice the changes.

Once you’ve addressed one area, move on to another. Regardless of how happy and successful you are I think everyone should have a few affirmations in their pocket. You can always enhance your life further.

Here’s the link again to The Boost delivered straight to your inbox a regular boost of positive self talk.

I'd love to hear what you do to supercharge your affirmations. Let me know in the comments.

Kay x


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