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Are you resisting change in your life?

Are you resisting change?

I recently joined an online book club and our book for the next couple of months is “Abundance Now” by Lisa Nichols. I’ve not read any of her books before or followed her so all new for me too, but I love all things which can help with personal development and help me achieve my life goals and be happier.

I’ve only just started it, so only read a couple of chapters which I’m enjoying. I’ll share any nuggets in later posts but the foreword got me thinking. (Yes the foreword before I’ve even got into the book). It’s written by Steve Harvey and he asks:

“Why do people resist transformation?”

It’s a great question to ask yourself to see if it’s true for you.

This is an area, I guide and support ladies in, to transform their lives. I support them to move away from living on autopilot or settling, towards having a more purpose driven life, by improve confidence and self-esteem so they have self-belief to actually take action so they have real life results.

But the hardest part is often – the beginning actually getting started – resisting change!

Just staying the same.

We can spend weeks, months even years complaining what we would like to change but don’t really do anything to change it.

If you have a lifestyle you’d love to live, a goal you haven’t achieved yet - ask yourself why you haven’t moved forward with it?

If this is something that you really, really want, why are you delaying it – why are you keeping it out of your life?

The book talks about “Why do people put effort into just settling?” and it’s true we have to make choices all the time each and every day. We put our energy and time into creating our reality. This means often we are taking actions to literally stay the same.

So why not CHOOSE to put that same energy and those choices into something that can ACTUALLY change your life for better, bring more income, increase your health and fitness, bring MORE ABUNDANCE whatever that would look like for you.

Imagine how it would feel to have that lifestyle change, complete that goal. How would your life be different? How would you be as a person?

I encourage you to starting to living your life deliberately moving from allowing life to happen to you, to making life happen for you.

So where are you at – are you resisting transformation?

You may not even be aware of it. You may just feel this is your life, these are your circumstances and there is nothing you can do about it. So think about it now - do you resist making changes in your life?

If you have thought about making changes, what fears are coming up for you? When you think about that goal or that dream what are the reasons you tell yourself you can’t have it?

I've got something for you which may help. Have you downloaded my free mini guide yet?

“Get Unstuck – Why it never too late to go after your dreams?”

This is a great mini guide (quick and easy read) which outline 3 areas which often come up for people when they trying to make life changes reach your next life goal. It can help you get started today. No more excuses.

Here’s the link.

Let me know in the comments what you feel is stopping you from moving forward? Or any tips you have used which have helped you to progress?

Make it a fabulous day!

Kay x


Helping ladies move from feeling stuck and overwhelmed in their lives to designing & achieving their goals, dreams and ambitions. For more information on bringing positive change into your life – ( Life coach for women)

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