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Use these 5 tips in your life to help overcome procrastination.

We all suffer with procrastination at some point, that feeling we know we need to do a certain task but we just can’t bring ourselves to do it. Sometimes, we don’t even know why. Just that dreaded feeling!

But allowing procrastination to take over can be costly to us –

  • it will delay us finishing a project or a task on time - we may not even finish it at all.

  • it stops us reaching that next health, income, career goal whatever it is for you.

  • it often means we are not working productively or efficiently.

  • and from a practical point of view we will not see changes or results in our life.

  • on an emotional level, we have this feeling of something always hanging over us, it's there in the back of our mind maybe causing stress and overwhelm.

So, what can we do when procrastination hits? Here are 5 tips which may help you.

1. Break down those goals

First, break down your big goals into smaller more manageable tasks. This will help you with overwhelm. Focusing, solely on the big end goal can be tiring and make you less likely to even start.Put them into order of priority and then just concentrate on 1 or 2 tasks at a time.

2. Focus

Following on from the above, ask yourself about the 1 or 2 tasks you have chosen – “What is your non-negotiable?” “What can I do today that will move me forward with my goal?” By completing the task, you want that task to have the biggest potential outcome for you which will move you forward.

3. Do the most difficult task first. Eat the Frog!!

Often when we view a task as difficult we can keep putting it to the back of the to do list even though it may be top priority. Tackling this first not only gets it done but it’s then not hanging over you while completing the other tasks.

4. Remove distractions

This is obvious but can be overlooked. Take note over the course of a day / a week what are your distractions. Is it chilling out in front of the TV, is it checking social media for example? What you may think it just a few minutes here and there when added up could be an hour(s) or more over a week. Whatever the distraction is for you make a note and think of ways to make it harder for you to be distracted or if possible to remove the distraction at together.

5. Reward yourself!

Choose a treat for yourself once you have completed your task. If you are picking the right reward and making sure that the completed task it will significantly impact you achieving your goal this could be a good way to keep up the motivation and avoid procrastination.

These are just a few ideas to help with procrastination, I hope you find them useful. I’d love to hear from you- so what are yours? Add them in the comments - what way have you come up with to help you keep on track?


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