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How can Life Coaching help you -live your best life?

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

So if you haven’t used a coach before you may be wondering - what’s the deal? How can life coaching help me? How can coaching help me improve my life?

There are lots of coaches out there - relationship coaches, social media coaches, life coaches, business coaches etc.

And even within life coaching itself there are lots of different areas. I am a Confidence and Clarity Coach.

I support you to get clarity on what you really what in life and help build up your own self belief and self worth that you can actually have all those things you desire.

If you don't really believe that you can have the things you want, you won't have the confidence to take action to get there. Check out my 5 Cs quick video series for more on these areas. (It's in, the highlight section of my instagram page).

There are loads of benefits but here are my top 5.


1. As a coach, I can help you get clear on what you would love to have in your life. Its human nature to spend time complaining about what we don’t want, but we then don’t put in the time and effort to find out what we actually would LOVE to HAVE in our life, what we would LOVE to ACHIEVE or what we would LOVE to BE. By investing in a coach you are signalling to yourself that you believe you are worth the investment, you are scheduling in the time to make it happen and that you are worthy of your dreams and ambitions.


2. I create a safe space to share and focus. A coach can help you gain new insights and new ideas which in turn can help you to become more INSPIRED and ENERGISED. This will help you move to living a more purpose driven life and leave behind that feeling of settling or being on autopilot through life.


3. As a coach, I can support you to become more aware of your belief system and thoughts. Are any of these beliefs holding you back? Sometime we are unaware (its happening on a subconscious level) that our beliefs are stopping us going for our dreams. We tell ourselves things like “I can’t have that” / “What will people think of me . . .”/ I can’t have that lifestyle / I can't afford that . . . Any of these sound familiar?

Change your thoughts. Change your life.


4. Feel more confident – by helping you identify your strengths and challenge those inner mind monkeys. This will allow you to be more confident to take ACTION. Action is where you will see results in the real world


5. A coach is a trusted partner. I'm there to share your wins and celebrate with you. Your personal cheerleader. I support you to be more accountable, not necessarily to me but to yourself, to build up your self-accountability.

This support encourages you to continue to move forward even when you feel challenged. Having this type of support system will increase your chance of achieving that end goal than if you were to do this by yourself and more likely to see results quicker.

Imagine that end results. Think now for moment – what goal would you love to achieve?

  • is it a particular thing

  • is it to travel

  • is it more income

  • a new job

  • better health and fitness

  • or more a whole life vision – a certain lifestyle.

Imagine how you would feel achieving that – more happiness, more peace of mind, more clarity, more excitement for the future, more optimistic. Let me know in the comments - what would it be for you?

If you are feeling stuck and would like some support, get in touch for a no obligation chat on whether we would be a good fit and whether coaching would be for you.


Helping ladies move from feeling stuck and overwhelmed in their lives to designing & achieving their goals, dreams and ambitions. For more information on bringing positive change into your life – (life coaching for women)

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